Bag manufacturer School bag wholesale

Bag manufacturer School bag wholesale

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What should we pay attention to for schoolbag suitable for pupils?            1. The weight of a good spine protecting schoolbag should be reasonable, which should not exceed 10% of the backpacker's weight. The empty schoolbag should be controlled between 0.7-1kg outside the textbook operation. The design of schoolbag on the back of primary school students should conform to the principle of ergonomics. It can reduce the shoulder pressure by 35% compared with the general schoolbag. It can effectively prevent the spine from bending and can effectively improve the walking posture.            2. The back cushion, chest belt, belt and shoulder belt are all very important            The use of the backpack system will directly affect the healthy growth of the child's spine. The backpack back should conform to the natural shape and movement characteristics of the human spine, effectively reducing the discomfort brought by the heavy load for the child; while not hindering the head and trunk activities, the weight of the backpack should be fully and better distributed throughout the back. And the belt and chest belt can fix the bag on the waist and back, prevent the bag from swinging, reduce the pressure on the spine and shoulders.            3. Basic requirements for schoolbag material:            Manufacturers generally use Oxford cloth, PU leather, polyester, nylon and other fabrics for schoolbags, of which nylon strength and wear resistance rank first among all fibers, polyester wear resistance is second only to nylon, but not breathable; PU leather is more beautiful but not wear-resistant. The basic requirements of schoolbag material are: innocuity, environmental protection and safety.            4. The interior space design of schoolbag should be reasonable            Our parents can't ignore the reasonable design of the internal space of the schoolbag when they buy the schoolbag for the children, so that the children can put all kinds of books, stationery and daily necessities in different categories, cultivate the children's ability of storage and arrangement from a young age, and let the children develop good habits.            5. Personalized design of schoolbag            A waterproof, lightening, super light shoulder protection, wear-resistant and thickened backpack can be used for many years. This also means that a student doesn't need to change his schoolbag very much in primary school, so creativity must be designed according to the psychological needs of the child. The cartoon pattern on the schoolbag conforms to the characteristics of children's psychological development. Children can choose the schoolbag they like according to their favorite colors and patterns. At the same time, they provide a wealth of accessories with shoulder sports bag, stationery bag, pen bag, pencil box and magic stick, which can give children more comprehensive care.            6. Safety concept of reflective strip of schoolbag            Reflective strips are used on schoolbags of primary school students to ensure the absolute safety of children in various situations such as walking at night. This kind of reflective strip is widely used in fire fighting, first aid and police uniform, and its effect is more obvious. No matter in the evening, rainy days, haze days, low visibility, poor visibility, the use of schoolbag can effectively and timely remind the driving vehicle to ensure the safety of children.

custom_attr1︰ We wholesale / supply schoolbags for primary school students from grade 1 to grade 6, and provide free customized pictures, spring pie brand models, specifications and parameters. Schoolbags for primary school children are complete, with a surprise price.

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