• Bag manufacturer Children's bags  Schoolbag custom made
  • Bag manufacturer Children's bags  Schoolbag custom made
  • Bag manufacturer Children's bags  Schoolbag custom made
  • Bag manufacturer Children's bags  Schoolbag custom made
  • Bag manufacturer Children's bags  Schoolbag custom made
  • Bag manufacturer Children's bags  Schoolbag custom made

Bag manufacturer Children's bags Schoolbag custom made

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CNY ¥ 22 / pc

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3 pc

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Pay attention to details of customized kindergarten schoolbag:            With more and more attention paid to education, the kindergarten is also constantly improving. In order to improve the external image of the kindergarten, the kindergarten will also find some regular bag manufacturers to customize the bag, and print the logo and contact information on the bag, and then distribute them to the children. This is not only convenient for the management of children in the kindergarten, but also conducive to the promotion and publicity of the kindergarten. However, if the schoolbag is carried on the children's weak shoulders, improper use will inevitably have a certain negative impact on their growth, development and production, and the quality of the schoolbag will directly affect the children's health, so the responsible kindergarten always takes the lead in making schoolbag. For this reason, we warmly remind you to participate in:            Detail 1: pay attention to the fabric of the schoolbag when making the customized schoolbag in kindergarten, and check whether the inner cloth is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Secondly, we should consider whether it is strong and wear-resistant. The material should be as light as possible to reduce the burden of schoolbag on children.            Detail 2: the quality, workmanship and edge feel of fasteners should be paid attention to in order to prevent the use of too sharp fasteners. It is better to use less metal fasteners to reduce the potential danger.            Detail 3: the backpack design of the customized kindergarten should be paid attention to. The negative system is very important. It is related to the children's spine health. It should be treated with caution and measured carefully to reduce errors.            We are a manufacturer of design and production of schoolbags for kindergartens, primary school students, middle school students and college students. Our design and production team has been working for many years to provide you with more attentive uniform services. We welcome kindergartens, schools, educational institutions, training centers, enterprises and institutions all over the country to make plans Come and customize the bag. We will serve you wholeheartedly!

custom_attr1︰ Book bag customization process of Shenzhen xingdaxiang industry and Trade Development Co., Ltd.: Passionate communication needs Identify the customer's need for customization Products and services to be provided. Both parties determine the plan According to the requirements, you will be given by specially assigned person Service and communication until you Satisfied. Agreed delivery deposit We are receiving your deposit After that, production will be arranged. Determine scheduled production Produce for your products Schedule, production cycle We will confirm with you in advance. Arrange delivery Satisfied after sales, looking forward to working with you Next cooperation.

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